Sunday, October 15, 2017

Watch the Video from the National Quilt Museum About CQA's "Light Show"

Watch the National Quilt Museum's video about the Contemporary QuiltArt Association's exhibition "Light Show". One of my quilts is highlighted.

A Murder of Crows
Bonnie M. Bucknam
Photo by Mark Frey

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Brazil Patchwork Design Contemporaneo To Speak at High Fiber Diet Meeting October 17

Zeca Medeiros will be the guest speaker at the High Fiber Diet meeting on Tuesday, October 17 at 1:30pm.  Zeca has chosen 26 works from Columbia FiberArts Guild and High Fiber Diet submissions to be part of the 2018 Patchwork Design Contemporaneo exhibition to be held in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Curitiba, Brazil. He will be here to discuss the exhibit and to see the current work of our members. All CFG members are invited and encouraged to join us at the High Fiber Diet meeting. 

Zeca Medeiros is the curator of the CONTEMPORANEO, the first artistic quilts exhibition in Latin America. His visionary view and work has provided understanding of contemporary quilt as part of the visual arts, gaining recognition from the media and the public. Over the years the exhibition has featured arts from various countries and it is currently visited by thousands of people.

In addition to presenting the history of CONTEPOR├éNEO exhibition, Zeca will address in his talk topics such as:  What is necessary to organize the show, the criteria for selecting arts, textile art in Latin America and especially the NEW CURATING PROPOSAL for the coming years. During the lecture, images and videos will be presented for a better understanding of the covered topics.

Also, Zeca is interested in seeing current work from our members.  Please bring one of your current or representative works to show.

The meeting will be held at Crossroads Church, 2505 NE 102nd Avenue in the Gateway area of Portland, south of I-84 and east of I-205. Meeting will be held in the separate building located at the south end of the south parking lot. Please do not park in the row directly in front of the building. Portland police use the building as a rest area, and first row parking is reserved for police vehicles. There is no admission charge for the lecture, but a $1 room fee contribution is encouraged.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Washington Water and Honoring Our Ancestors

State of WA(ter)
A SAQA Washington Exhibit
August 2 - October 29, 2017
Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiberart Museum
703 South Second Street
La Conner, WA 98257
(360) 466-4288

SAQA WA Region is pleased to be mounting its first regional exhibition, the State of WA(ter). Although nearly 5,000 square miles of our state are covered in water, the landscapes of the western and eastern regions could hardly be more different. Washington is a state shaped by extremes of water: the cool, rainy West contrasts vividly with the dry, more climatically severe East. Dividing the East from the West is the dramatic Cascade mountain range, itself a setting for a plethora of lakes, rivers, and glaciers.

We invited quilt artists in the Washington region to interpret these extremes of water, either by representing the character of water in the east or the west, or in the mountainous region between. Works that illustrate or celebrate the contrast between both regions are included.

Ripple Effect
Bonnie M. Bucknam
Photo by Mark Frey

Kindred: Celebrating Our Ancestors
August 11, 2017 - January 28, 2018
Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center
13480 Dowell Road
Dowell, Maryland

This exhibit invites artists to celebrate the stories, people, and places that define them. Do you find meaning and a sense of connection in your family tree, or in those people you consider your kindred spirits? How do the tangible and intangible remnants of past lives speak to you today? For some, delving into one’s ancestry is the key to unlocking the mysteries of who and what you are. For others, creating a “family of choice” provides a sense of connection. However you imagine your family, we invite artists to celebrate how they are defined by the past, and the lives of those who have come before them.

Heritage Text Book
Bonnie M. Bucknam

Light Show Opens at National Quilt Museum

Light Show
Work by the Contemporary QuiltArt Association
September 22 - December 12
National Quilt Museum
215 Jefferson, Paducah, KY 42001

Light Show is an extraordinary exhibit of vibrant quilts. The artists from Washington’s Contemporary QuiltArt Association create a unique sensory experience that takes the viewer through an electrifying adventure of light.

A Murder of Crows
c 2015 Bonnie M. Bucknam
Photo by Mark Frey

Friday, September 22, 2017

Shipment to Mayan Families En Route

More quilts and school supplies started their journey to Mayan Families yesterday.  Included in the shipment:

The top three are from Marta in Palm Desert.

This quilt is from Sondra in Utah:

These two by anonymous makers were donated by friends:

This one is from Pat in Idaho:

Pat in Anchorage:

The Vancouver group:

And me:

Thanks again to all the contributors! Your efforts make a difference.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Realism vs Impressionism Exhibit at Boomerang, Vancouver

Realism vs Impressionism features work by 30 painters in the Portland/Southwest Washington region.  The exhibit is on view at Boomerang Fine Arts, 808 Main Street in Vancouver, Washington.  The show runs now through September 29. Please stop by.  Here are my five works that are part of the exhibit.

Cathedral Gorge
c 2017
Bonnie M. Bucknam
Oil and cold wax over acrylic underpainging on board

Potter's Marsh, Anchorage
c 2013
Bonnie M. Bucknam
Acrylic on board

Rooted to the Earth
c 2017
Bonnie M. Bucknam
Oil and cold wax, oil sticks over acrylic underpainting on board

c 2014
Bonnie M. Bucknam
Oil and cold wax on board

Foggy Harbor
c 2016
Bonnie M. Bucknam
Oil and cold wax on board

Monday, August 21, 2017

Mayan Families Video

To see a short video on the history of Mayan Families click here.

Thanks so much for all your contributions to my Guatemala Bound project.  About 175 quilts have gone to Mayan Families (after 100 quilts to the orphanage at Santa Apolonia).  The kids really appreciate your contributions.  

Take a couple of minutes to view the video that shows the history of Mayan Families. Then think about maybe sponsoring one child for school.  The cost to sponsor a child for school is less than the cost of one meal out a month. And it makes such a difference.

Thanks again for your quilt contributions! Keep quilting.  You have made a difference.