Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quilt Show In The Mail

A couple of days ago I received 3 boxes of quilts for Guatemala Bound from Nan's group in Anchorage!  I had my own quilt show.  The group has been very generous and productive.  It's obvious from the spirited designs that they've been having fun.  Here are the 3 finished quilts that they sent.  (I'll wait until the other three tops are quilted before posting photos of those.)

Elise made this crib quilt from start to finish.

The group of 8 Anchorage quilters made the wonky 9-patches.  Nan assembled the blocks and did the quilting and finishing.

The group of 8 worked on strip-piecing this joyous design.  Elise did the machine quilting and finishing.

Thanks so much, all of you.  I am overwhelmed.

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