Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slashed 9-Patch

Here are a couple of experiments with the slashed 9-Patch.  You've probably all done one of these.  They're very easy and efficient.  Just sew together a 9 patch.  I used 5" squares (any size square works, as long as you're consistent) and sewed them into 2 different sets: half with the purple fabric in the corners and center, and half with the green fabric in the corners and center.  Then cut the 9-patch in half in both directions.  Arrange 2 light blocks and 2 dark blocks and sew them together.  There are quite a few other layouts you can experiment with.

The first quilt I did came out mushy and dull because the purples and greens were basically the same medium value.  I tried to brighten it up a bit with the peach stipe in the border.  I don't know how successful that was.

So, next I tried to pump up the value a bit.  I used darker purples and greens that were more to the lime/light side, I thought.  The quilts still has a mostly medium value look to it.

I made a crib quilt with a few blocks left over from the second quilt.

I have a few more quilts that are variations of the slashed 9-patch, but they're all in progress right now.  More on this technique later.

For those of you who are following the Guatemala Bound project, to date there are 48 quilts completed and about 25 more in the works.  We'll reach the goal of 80 quilts in no time.  Thanks all!

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  1. Wow! That is amazing, Bonnie. I love the second quilt with the green and purples.