Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Handwerk Fabric Club - Back Issues On Sale!

Until August 31, 2010, I'm offering back issues of Handwerk Fabric Club fabrics at reduced prices.  Quarter yard packs (6 fat quarters, 1 1/2 yds total), regularly $27 are $25.  Half yard packs (6 1/2-yd pieces, 3 yds total), regularly $54 are $50.  One yard packs (6 1-yd pieces, 6 yds total), regularly $108 are $100.  Actual shipping is charged. Email me at bonnie@handwerktextiles.com for ordering information. Here are the packs that are available:

Available in Fat Quarter, 1/2-yd, and 1-yd packs

"Fruit Salad"
Available in 1/2-yd packs

Available in 1/4-yd packs

"At the Beach"
Available in 1/2-yd packs

Available in 1/2-yd packs

Available in 1/2-yd packs

"Emerald City"
Available in 1/2-yd packs

"Buttered Rum"
Available in 1/2-yd and 1-yd packs

"Painted Desert"
Available in 1/2-yd packs

"River Wash"
Available in Fat Quarter packs

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  1. Your quilt project sounds really special. Would you be at all interested in a quilt that I began but never finished. It was one I learned on and you might be able to cut/reassemble the blocks and have something nice. Let me know. Terry