Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Handcrafted Items from Lima

I managed to do a bit of shopping in Lima.  Here are some of my favorite handcrafted items.  Sondra and I were first taken with these embroidered belts.  You saw some photos of one of the shop vendors in an earlier post.

I purchased these dolls at a little shop outside the Museo de Oro del Peru.  They are replicas of Pre-Columbian Chancay culture dolls and are newly-made from recycled fabrics.

There are lots of purses and zipper bags made from recycled weavings.

This knitted skinny scarf was less than $6. 

Here's an older handwoven belt that I purchased at the Indian Market.

This is a new handwoven belt of acrylic yarns.

This is an older baby carrier.  I love the fact that the wide brown strips are not the same width.  There are intricate woven animals in the two center stripes.  This was made from two widths of fabric woven on a backstrap loom.  The two panels are embroidered together.

Here's an example of how the carriers are worn as backpacks.

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  1. Wonderful stuff! I have a skinny little zippered bag that I bought in Ecuador that looks identical to yours! I thought it would be good to keep pens and markers in.