Friday, January 20, 2012

Next Stop: Wonderland

I made it to Guatemala City without a glitch.
On the outskirts of Guatemala City.

I always dislike the actual traveling part of traveling. It usually makes me anxious. When I travel, I like to establish a base camp and make day trips from there. I really don’t care for the getting-from-one-place-to-another part. That’s a bit odd, because living in Alaska for 31 years, the journey was the destination. Most places you go in Alaska there really isn’t much to do, for a person like me who is not outdoorsy, when you get there. Driving and seeing the scenery is the main attraction of traveling. I don’t mind traveling on a tour. In fact, I’ve come to enjoy being on a tour. The actual traveling is okay when I don’t have to spend my time figuring out how to get from one place to another and what to see when I get there. Tours take away all that logistical stuff and let you enjoy your time and place.

Well, like I said, I had a smooth trip to Guatemala City. The next day, the van picked me up right on time and we went back to the airport to pick up my two friends, who were arriving on two different flights from Ohio and Utah. Miraculously, all the flights were on time, and when I arrived at the airport, there they were! Our van took us to Panajachel, to Hotel Regis, our home for the duration of our stays. Hotel Regis is on the main tourist area street in Pana, but set back from the street in the interior part of the block. Stucco cottages with red tile roofs are set in a garden with pathways, hot tubs, fountains and plenty of places to lounge outdoors. It’s a beautiful setting right in the heart of the restaurant and shopping area and about two blocks up from Lake Atitlan.

The view from our window.

Our cottage.

The grounds of the hotel.

Our first full day in Panajachel was pretty laid back. We slept in, had breakfast in our room, then strolled the street and shopped. Sondra and I had to hit the fabric stores. Here’s the selection from one store we visited.

I also purchased a couple of handwoven belts, and one older one with hand embroidery.

We watched the sun set over Lake Atitlan.

Then we ate dinner at El Bistro. Seafood fettuccini. A good end to a good day.

El Bistro, Panajachel


  1. So beautiful! Have a great time.

  2. Compared to Portland, this time of year, this looks awesome!!

  3. That looks like the perfect getaway from winter. Enjoy your trip.