Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Quilts for First Mayan Families Shipment

Here are three more quilts for the Mayan Families shipment.  These were pieced mainly by Chris of Vancouver.  In the quilt above she used the 9-patch pieces that were left over from the Vancouver group's many 9-Patch and Stripe quilts.  Varying green squares completed the piece.  Chris made the quilt below while in her motorhome in Indio, California.  She took her scrap bag with her and went to town!

Chris also made the cute applique panel in the center of the quilt below.  She donated the piece to the project, so I set out to make it large enough for a twin bed.  I added the Chinese coins border, and then made the top and bottom strips using more of my stash of square-within-a-square blocks.  The resulting quilt is very playful and fun!

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