Friday, October 19, 2012

Color Improvisations in London

I just returned from London where I attended the opening of Color Improvisations at the Knitting and Stitching Show.  What fun!  The exhibition space for the quilts was a bit cramped, but the quilts still looked gorgeous and attracted alot of attention.  And the show was really something to see.  Vendors covering all aspects of needlearts were there.  You could find fabric, yarn, needlepoint supplies, sewing machines - anything and everything having to do with fiber arts.  I spent two days at the show, and got to autograph my share of catalogs.  There were other exhibitions of stitchery, knitting, and quilts.  And so many young people!  Unlike quilt shows in the US, many, many young students and recent college graduates were in attendance.  It was refreshing!  Here are some of the quilts in Color Improvisations.

Jayne Willoughby Scott and Nancy Crow manning the book sales table.  Nancy Crow's Constructions #101 behind and Uta Lenk's Linienspiel X to the right.

A view of the exhibit space.  Two quilts by Beata Keller-Kerchner, Color Compositions #1 and Color Compositions #4.

A view of the exhibit space.  Two quilts by Leslie Joan Riley, Construction #49 Grey and Brown Weave and Construction #50 Birds.

Left to right: Amphorae III by Barbara Bugliani; Sculpture Garden and Figure in Brown by Terry Jarrard-Dimond.

Organized Chaos by Violet Cavazos and Cheeky Dots by Sylvia Sutherland.

Landmarks #21 by Barb Wills, Limnos/Benthos by Mary Lou Alexander, and Crusade #33 by Suzanne Buchmann.

Crusade #27 by Suzanne Buchmann, Linienspiel VIII by Uta Lenk, and Landmarks #21 by Barb Wills.

Three quilts by Marina Kamenskaya; Tangle, Canopy, and Tumble by Bonnie Bucknam.

Break Away by Janet Steadman, Jewels of the Earth by Cathy Shanahan, Night Drawing #15 by Jayne Willoughby Scott, Gesture #2 by Marina Kamenskaya.

Third Phase by Margaret Boys Wolf, Seeing the Light by Melisse Laing, Giganten 14 by Heike Dressler, and Ode to Mindy by Nancy Cordry.

Earth #27 by Janet Schultz, Drei Quadrate by Randa Stewner.

Destinations and Amphorae II by Barbara Bugliani.

Ode to Mindy by Nancy Cordry, Seeing the Light and Out on a Limb by Melisse Laing.

Ode to Mindy by Nancy Cordry, Shards by Pat Hedwall, and Out on a Limb by Melisse Laing.

Out on a Limb by Melisse Laing, Gesture #2 by Marina Kamenskaya, and Earth #27 by Janet Schultz.

Fields by Janet Steadman, Velvet Falls by Cathy Shanahan, and Crusade #33 by Suzanne Buchmann.

Crusade #27 by Suzanne Buchmann, Linienspiel VIII by Uta Lenk.

Crazed 8: Incarceration and Fault Lines 3 by Kathleen Loomis.

Ovals Lined Up by Pia Welsch, That House by Ursula Konig, and Circles on Blue by Sylvia Sutherland.

Color Improvisations next travels to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Dublin Ireland.

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  1. Hi Bonnie,
    Thanks for sharing those photos, it must be amazing to see all those great quilts together in one place. I still need to get my hands on one of those catalogs!