Monday, January 21, 2013

Visitor from Anchorage

My friend Pat came from Anchorage to visit last week.  We did a lot of sewing and visiting fabric stores. This is the top we put together for the Guatemala Bound project. The week before last the Vancouver group got together for a Guatemala work day.  The assignment was blue, green or yellow solids or one color prints.  Put any number of lines through a block, in any direction.  Five of us made the 80 blocks in about 5 hours.  Pretty quick.  Pat and I spent a couple of days laying out some of the blocks and adding strips to piece them together.  Pat thought the blocks looked like hieroglyphics, so the quilt has a message.  Can you read it?

I put together the top below.  I started with the triangular forms which were leftovers from cutting my Z-front travel purses.  I added strips to those.  I ended up with just the correct number of blocks.  This will make a bright quilt for Mayan Families.

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