Thursday, May 2, 2013


I made my way from Sydney to New Delhi, India.  I was headed to meet up with Pat, my Anchorage buddy, and we were booked on a two-week SmarTours tour.  I arrived in Delhi two days before the tour group did.  I braved the subway, the Metro in New Delhi (it's not really underground), and spent one day at the Crafts Museum.  The only unfortunate part of that visit was that the museum store was closed for inventory.

This is Tulsidas Nimbark.  I bought two miniatures from him.  He had participated in a museum show in Dallas, Texas.

Here's my room at the New Delhi Hilton Janakpuri.  I chose this hotel because the tour was staying here.  I figured it was easier than trying to find a less expensive hotel then having to change when the tour arrived.  It turned out to be very convenient.  Although it's out of town to the southwest, it's adjacent to the metro station (the blue roof in the photo below).  It also had a lovely pool.

The second day, I braved the metro again to go to the craft market at Dilli Haat.  I bought handmade books with leather covers from the young man below.  His grandfather made all the purses in the background.

This man had lots of scarves and textiles.

That afternoon the tour arrived.  Sight-seeing began in earnest the next day.  Here are just a few rickshaws and tuk tuks waiting for fares.

This is India Gate.

Some colorful street scenes below.

The following photos are of the Qutb Minar.  It is a Muslim mosque built in 1193 by Qutbuddin Aibak.  The complex is a fusion of Islamic and Hindu cultures.

This 4th century iron pillar was originally made as a flagstaff in Vishnu's honor.

To quote from the guidebook (re the building above), "Alai Darwaza.  This gateway to the complex, erected in 1311 by Alauddin Khilji, is one of the earliest buildings in India to employ the Islamic principles of arched construction."

The next day we left Delhi to head toward Jaipur.  This is just a little traffic at the toll gate on the outskirts of Delhi.

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