Monday, September 9, 2013


We only spent a short time in Varanassi, but those hours were very interesting and full.  When we got off the plane it was 110 degrees F!  We wanted to get down to the ghats for the evening ceremony.  It was too crowded for the bus to get there, so we piled out and all got in rickshaws and made our way to the Ganges.

The rickshaws dropped us off and we had a short walk to the river where we boarded a boat and set out on the river.

The fires on the shore are from the cremations that take place along the river 24/7.

The next morning, before dawn, we headed back down to the ghats.  We took another boat ride and watched the sunrise.  People were bathing in the river, and some young monks were making offerings to begin their day.

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