Friday, November 22, 2013

26 Quilts Are On Their Way to Mayan Families

Twenty six quilts are on their way to Mayan Families' orphan program in Panajachel, Guatemala!  I know the kids will appreciate these colorful and functional additions to their meager lives.  Many of these kids literally have nothing but the clothes on their backs and struggle daily even to eat.  At least they will be able to sleep a little warmer. Thanks to all who contributed their work, time, and caring. 

 Here are the latest finished quilts for Mayan Families.  The top three are from Pat in Idaho.

The following quilt is from Patti in Anchorage.

 This next one is from Louise in Seattle.

And these are mine.  I made the last quilt from scrap parts left over from making purses. 

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