Friday, July 24, 2015

Check Out My PDX Quilts on STQRY

Have you tried the STQRY app on your smart phone? STQRY is a guide to art and cultural venues.  Many venues around the world post their exhibits and visitor destinations on STQRY. Download the app to your smart phone.  Your phone will use its gps to find art and cultural sites near you, wherever you happen to be.

So, if you are near Portland, check out the Portland International Airport info.  Open your STQRY app. Select Portland International Airport, select Stories, select Site-Specific Installations, select Caverns, and there I am!  You can see photos of the airport quilts, read about me, and link to my website.  And when you are done with me, there are 23 more stories at the Portland airport.  Enjoy!

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