Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Next Shipment of Quilts to Mayan Families

I'm working on a shipment of quilts for Mayan Families in Guatemala.  The quilts should be ready to ship next week. Here are some of them.  The first is by Chris from the Loose Threads group in Vancouver.

 Block Party

These next four are from Pat B. in Idaho.


Africa Dance
Sampler Blocks

Red Star

 These next two are from Linda in Palm Desert.

Blue Twist


These two beautiful color studies are from Kimberly in Oregon City.

Autumn at the Lake

 Starry Night

Here's one that Pat from Anchorage and I collaborated on.

 Sunset at Lake Atitlan

 And here is another of my alphabet quilts.

Little Letters

These should make some kids in Panajachel happy!

1 comment:

  1. what beautiful quilts!! especially Autumn at the Lake -- my favorite

    for Spanish-speaking kids you probably should have ch, ll and ñ instead of 123!!