Saturday, October 29, 2016

Impressions of Shanghai

Here are a few photos from my recent trip to China.  These are from Shanghai.  The first stop, after a nap at the hotel, was, of course, shopping!  This is a pedestrian mall in the French Consignment. As you can see, I was impressed with the window and shop displays.

 This was my first restaurant meal in China.  Mild curry, very good.

The next day, the SmarTours tour began with a walk through the Wu Garden

and then a stroll through the nearby market.

We toured a silk factory.  This machine unwinds the silk from the cocoon. 

To make comforters with silk batting, they stretch the cocoons over wooden forms of graduating sizes.

Then the stretched cocoon is stretched even further by hand and laid out on a table to make the batt.

This is The Bund, the older European part of Shanghai.

Across the river is the newer part of the city.

Inside the art and history museum.

The view from the bus on our only day of rain.

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