Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Color Block Crib Quilts

Last spring I ran across a pack of precut 6" squares.  I decided to assembly-line some baby quilts for my Guatemala Project.  I surrounded each 6" square with black and white strips.  I divided these blocks into three piles.  Then I added log cabin strips in two colors to each block.  One pile got orange and yellow strips, one pile purple and pink strips, and one green and turquoise. 

I divided those blocks into groups of six and assembled them.  This quilt  is bordered with fabric leftover from a skirt that my mom made for me when I was in college.  I took it with me when I moved to Alaska in 1975.

I surrounded the assembled blocks with another black and white (or almost black and white) strip.

Then the fun part - finding borders for each.  I dug through my stash.  It was surprising how many different fabrics worked with basically the same center blocks.  This black fabric with the turquoise foliage was left over from a skirt I made for a friend of mine back in college.  Can you believe I've been carting this fabric around for nearly 40 years?!  It's past time to use it up.
Some of these quilts I've assigned to other uses, but 5 of them will go to the Guatemala project.

On this quilt I added another border that repeated two of the log cabin colors.

Pink seems to be a color the goes easily with the center blocks.

This is actually the first top that I completed. 

This assembly line method is great for making several similar tops in a short amount of time.  It's fun to see the variation possible with the same basic elements.

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