Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Progress on Guatemala Bound

Here are two completed log cabins that the Vancouver group made for Guatemala Bound.  To see the post about our first log cabin work day, click here. We worked in 6 colors: black, grey, white, beige, rust, and turquoise.  The idea was to pick any three of the colors and make a block, for example, a black center with 2 sides turquoise and 2 sides grey strips of any width.  There was no specification as to how many blocks or how many color combinations per person.  I made enough blocks for one top, pictured above, and Chris made her own top as well.  It's still in progress. The quilt below is a made of the other donated blocks.  There's another in progress. Pretty cool way to work in a group.

Here's a scrappy log cabin made by Pat in Anchorage for Guatemala Bound.  Pat used the 1/4 (or 1/2?) log cabin block with strips on only two sides of the "center" square.  This is a different layout that creates an intriguing design.  To see the beginnings of this quilt, click here.

Below is a photo of a log cabin bed quilt I made for friends last Christmas.  The colors are close to the same value, so the design is subtle.  I'm really drawn to log cabin quilts.  I don't seem to tire of this classic.

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