Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a Co-inky-dink!

A couple of years ago before I started the Guatemala Bound project, I bought a few vintage quilt tops on ebay.  I still consider myself a fairly new longarm quilter, and I was looking for some tops to practice with.  I bought maybe eight scrappy tops during that time.  One day I saw this top and was particularly attracted to it.  I paid attention to the bidding, and submitted the winning bid with only seconds to go.  About 10 minutes later, I received an email from Jeanie, a friend in Anchorage.  'Did you just buy a quilt top on ebay?'  She had recognized my ebay userid.  She was bidding to buy the same top!  What are the odds of that?  Later in the year, I quilted the top, then sent her the quilt for Christmas.  That's Jeanie above with the quilt.

Here's another of the vintage tops that I quilted.  This one went to my friend Pat in Anchorage.  I'm still a sucker for log cabins.

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