Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cusco, Peru

We flew over the Andes from Lima to Cusco.

Here's a view of Cusco from the airport.

Cusco, at an elevation of 10,800' above sea level, was our base of operations for four nights.  Our first task was to aclimate.  That means taking it easy and drinking some coca leaf tea. 

Even the deserts have coca in them.  This is coca creme brule.

Here are some photos that will give you an idea of what Cusco is like. I found it to be charming, vibrant, and interesting, with friendly and helpful people.  It's a place I would like to get to know better.  The food was excellent, and there is an interesting variety of crafts.  A surprise was that Peru uses US dollars as an alternate currency.  Just about anywhere, you can get a price in dollars or Peruvian Soles, pay in either currency, and get change in one or the other.

Plaza de Armas at dusk.

Avenue del Sol near our hotel.

A street vendor on Avenue del Sol selling mangos to Diego, one of our tour organizers.

Peruvian mangos.

I loved this little stool that the street vendor used to reach her wares.

One of the churches on Plaza de Armas.

Just a little traffic.

Plaza de Armas

View of one of the hillsides from Plaza de Armas.

A train makes its way along the hillside.

Colonial architecture with an ornate carved balcony.

Another downtown plaza.

Bridal shoppe.

This shop is closed, San Blas district.

San Blas District

San Blas District
San Blas District
San Blas District
San Blas District
San Blas District
San Blas District
Store in the San Blas district.

Mural on Avenue del Sol depicting Peru's history.

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