Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Favela Tour

Monday I walked around Ipanema beach in the morning. It was nowhere near as crowded as on Sunday.

In the afternoon, Colleen and I went on a tour of the favelas.  These are poorer neighborhoods built semi-illegally on some of Rio's hillsides.  Most of the favelas are accessible by few roads.  Narrow walkways with lots of stairs provide the only access to most of the homes.  Many of the homes are built on top of one another.  Some residents purchase the right to live in the home, although they don't own the land the homes are built on.  Electricity is haphazzard, many times being tapped illegally from nearby sources. 

Most of the favela residents have jobs.  Several craftsmen had goods for sale along the side of the roads.

Water in this favela is piped down from the mountain and stored in individual tanks.

Inside the favelas are markets, shops, banks, clinics, and even McDonald's.

Toward evening, the beach emptied out.

Here's our hotel and gift shop in the evening light.

Another great day in Rio!

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