Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quilts in Rio!

Melisse Laing's piece at the Rio Patchwork Design 2012 show in Rio de Janeiro

Bom dia from Rio de Janeiro!  Colleen and I arrived last Thursday.  Our driver took us from the airport to our hotel to drop off our bags then straight to the quilt show (well, with one shopping stop in between).  How exciting!  My quilts were first on the wall straight ahead as you enter the show, with Colleen's next.  Melisse's quilt was beautifully hung in its own alcove next to the introduction to the Rio Patchwork Design 2012 show.  We met Alvaro and Zeca, and were given a personal tour.

Reflection, View Toward Indio, and Coastlines (left to right), by
Bonnie Bucknam

Zeca has done a beautiful job of hanging the show.  The show is held in an older convention center, and some of the exhibit spaces are odd shapes which are difficult to work with.  But Zeca has turned these rooms into artful gallery spaces, with great lighting, colorful and tasteful accent walls, generous spacing between works, and good signage.  And good artwork! Zeca has curated a wonderful show.  Besides the quilts from CQA in Washington, several Brazilian quilters were represented.

Grey Circles, Introducing Entropy, and Yosemite Triptych by Colleen Wise

 Pieces by Mariann Burr

 Pieces by Sonja Gasvik.  Janet Kurjan's work is further down the wall.

 Melisse Laing's quilts

Work by Carol Jerome in the foreground

From the quilt show, we walked back to our hotel,  It was drizzling - felt just like home.  Well, not... For one thing, it was about 85 degrees. We saw a Great Egret right on the canel, just a few blocks from our hotel in Ipanema.

The beach was deserted.

But we walked along that famous Ipanema Beach sidewalk.

And after dinner at Bartholomew's, we did some window shopping. Not a bad day in Rio!


  1. How exiting. I had forgotten about this trip. Keep blogging. Love my vicarious journey with you.

  2. Hi I am a quilter from NY in Rio on business. Did you find any quilt shops you would reccomend? Thanks!! Renee rfvaldes@us.ibm.com