Saturday, June 5, 2010

Making Purses

I've been making lots of purses lately.  I've had this thing with purses just about my whole life.  I almost always stick with one purse until it wears out.  I'm not one of those who has to change bags to match the outfit.  But I always buy them when I'm traveling, and I've had a couple of ventures into manufacturing involving purses.  I'll tell you that story another time.  Anyway, this is what I did last night.  I bought this mola in Ohio a couple of years ago.  I thought I'd make something out of it that I would use, so the mola is not just sitting on a shelf.  I made this purse up as I went along.  I had a very small piece of the Guatemalan handwoven.  In fact, I used almost every scrap.  I had to piece the bottom of the bag together, and it has a seam in an odd place.  No one will notice though.  Anyway, this is probably about the 13th or 14th purse I've made in the last month.  What will I do with all of these??  Well, carry things to meetings, put my knitting projects in them, use them for shopping...  Can you ever have too many bags?  (Probably yes.)

Back view.

Lined with Handwerk hand-dyes.

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