Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alaska Checkerboard

Last summer one of my Alaska friends, Jeanie, sent a large checkerboard top with a dark blue border as a contribution to "Guatemala Bound" (more on the new project name later).  The quilt was quite large.  With her permission, I disassembled the top and made it into two bunkbed-size quilts.  Thanks, Jeanie!  Jeanie likes plaids (this is an understatement).  I pieced the back of the second quilt, keeping Jeanie's preferences in mind:

One of the quilts was quilted using a Laura Lee Fritz design from her book "Mindful Meandering":

My friend Pat in Alaska came up with a great name for the project - "Guatemala Bound".  Much better than the generic Guatemala Quilt Project I've been using.  Many thanks to my creative and generous friends!

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