Sunday, June 25, 2017

"Zebra" in Quilt National 2017

Zebra at the Feeding Station, South Africa
c 2009 Bonnie M. Bucknam

Quilt National 2017 opened the weekend of May 26 to a slew of receptions and activities. It's a thrill to find myself in the middle of so much creativity.  Thanks to Nancy Crow also for allowing the artists to tour her teaching facility and studio.

Here's a photo of my quilt Zebra which is part of Quilt National 2017.  I've also included the photo, taken on my 2009 Nancy Crow tour to South Africa, which was the inspiration for the quilt and the recent painting.

c2016 Bonnie M. Bucknam
 Photo by Mark Frey

Acrylic on paper
c2017 Bonnie M. Bucknam

"Bridge Controversy" Receives Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts Founder's Award

Bonnie Bucknam received the Denton Family in Honor of Dee Denton Founder's Award in the Open Show category at this weekend's Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts for her quilt, Bridge Controversy.  The show closes at 5pm today, so you still have a couple of hours to make it to the show.  The show features a craft fair at George Rogers Park, three special exhibits in the Lakewood Center, and the Open Show in the Pavilion Tent.