Monday, October 11, 2021

Big Donation Day!

 Nineteen quilts went out the door today! Ten went to the YWCA Safe Choice Shelter and 9 to Ray Hickey Hospice Center, both in Vancouver. 

These to the YWCA are from Mary in Ridgeway.

And these are mine.

This one to Ray Hickey Hospice is by Chris in Vancouver.

Another from Mary in Ridgeway.

And the others are mine.

Thanks for the time and effort of those who contributed. Also, I should give a shout out to Hilly from Wilsonville who has completed the hand binding on 115 of our donated quilts!!

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Quilts to Rose Haven

 It's been awhile since I had quilts ready to donate, but now the logjam is breaking loose. Today I delivered 12 quilts to Rose Haven Women's Shelter in Portland. Eight were crib quilts, mostly from anonymous donors from Alaska. Two of the crib quilts were contributed by Marie of Vancouver. The larger lap-size quilts are mine. I should have more donations within a week. A little more organizing  and they will be ready to go!