Friday, November 9, 2018

Last Shipment to Mayan Families

I sent off the last shipment of quilts to Mayan Families two weeks ago. With a new executive director and board in place, they have decided not to receive and distribute the quilts any longer. They are in the process of streamlining all their programs and reevaluating priorities.

So thanks to so many who have contributed over the years. One hundred quilts went to the orphanage at Santa Apolonia. Two hundred and nine quilts went to the Kids in Need program at Mayan Families. What an accomplishment! Thanks so much for your participation and generosity. We had a good run.

Here are the quilts in the last shipment.  The first three are from Pat in Idaho.

Take Heart is from Chris in Vancouver.

Mary in Vancouver made these nine quilts.

And these are mine.